Paper Converting


The experienced staff at MillTown has over 100 years of combined experience in converting damaged rolls of paper.

Sure, we want your easy jobs too...but when it's a difficult job with damaged paper, MillTown Paper is likely the only converter who can handle it. Over the years we have developed techniques and specialized equipment that gives us the unique ability to work with rolls that other converters just won't touch! And every roll converted at MillTown Paper is mechanically perfect every time. We guarantee it!


We make good rolls out of problems and that makes a positive impact on your bottom line!

Slit, Rewind, Trim:

Specializing In:

Our Equipment:

Up to 110” wide rolls Custom Slitting Neenah:
3” - 6” & 12” ID Core Custom Rewinding 110” APE Rewinder
Up to 60” OD rewind Custom Sheeting 91" APE Rewinder
Any Grade Paper/Board Custom Trimming 72” Cameron Rewinder
  Transit Damage 43" Cameron Rewinder
  Handling Damage 160" Langston Rewinder
  Water Damage Roll Saw
  Core Damage Atlanta:
    110" Cameron Rewinder
    67" APE Rewinder
    Roll Saw